Before touching the circuit board, always touch the frame or some other grounded item to ground any static elec- tricity in the body. When there is no paper in the printer. Same place on page. It counts the number of pulses from the home position and stops the paper guide in the correct position. Fuse system Operating time: To release the image belt cleaner, the belt cleaner motor Ml 2 is set on and the cam is turned, pushing down the cleaner lever.

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Installing a fuse of a different make or rating could lead to a possi- ble fire. Since radiation emitted inside the LBP printer is completely confined within protective housing and external covers, the laser beam cannot escape from the LBP printer during any phase of user operation.

Environmental Parameters Sound Emission.


Remove the suction fan. Be sure to check the connections of all connectors after reassembly.

If LD2 does not change from on to off when 2200 is turned all the way to the left, that position is L. Remove the fusing unit from the printer. Replace laser safety switch. Use a moving part such as a solenoid, motor, or lamp for checking the circuit board.


Minolta-QMS Magicolor 2200 DeskLaser

Image transfer roller 4 OPC drum Use the type and size of paper recommended by the specifications for the printer. During power supply fan motor error Stopped 3. To prevent a laser beam leak, the printer performs a trial run to make sure the covers are in position. If the optional lower tray is added sheetsthe paper take-up magico,or becomes a three-way system.

Remove the 2 connectors for the HV2 circuit board and 1 set screw. On Paper full sensor: This printer uses an invisible laser beam. Is it a thin paper within the magicoloe of specifications for the paper?

Does the image transfer belt rotate during print- ing? If overloaded, the lift will not be capable of lifting all the media. Paper Name Function 1. If the page is black, check the following.

Remove the upper-right reinforcement plate 1. Remove the controller cover. Yes Replace the black cartridge home position sensor PC6.


Minolta-QMS Magicolor 2200 EN – printer – color – laser

Remove the image transfer roller pressure sensor 1. The tray paper take-up sensor detects whether or not paper take-up has been properly magicooor. It has been mounted at the factory using a positioning jig to ensure that it is level.

Precise adjustment has been made to the internal variable resistor VR1 to match the speed of the fusing motor with the finished diameter of the roller. Remove the waste toner container full sensor. Does heater lamp 1 H2 come on when the power supply is turned on? Remove the right-rear cover 2. And can we talk mail-order mattresses?

The speed most suitable for the type of paper is selected to achieve optimum fusing. Defective paper image transfer.