Remove the seal from the imaging cartridge by pulling it steadily straight out. Selecting aprojection lensProjection lenses are available in the following types. Automasking is only available in the PR mode. Heat could accumulate inside the product, resulting in a fire or malfunction. If the misfeed occurred before the sheet of paper entered the fusing unit, gently pull the misfed sheet up and out. Page 21 When auto skew is on, the indicator is lit and any skew of the image will be corrected during printing.

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Kodak DSV-E user manual – – Solve your problem

Downloading to your computer – 3000dev can also download the user manual Kodak DSV-E to your computer and keep it in your files. Selecting a Projection lenses are available in the following types. Page 40 Koddak the ResolutionThe resolution for scanning printing can be selected. Remove the seal from the imaging cartridge by pulling it steadilystraight out. Slide the projection lamp unit securely back into place. Selecting the film Auto type The system will automatically determine the polarity of the d being used when Auto is selected with the Film Type key.

Page 9 OperatingenvironmentThe environmental requirements for operating the system are asfollows: Film Carriers We offer carriers for any need and any film format. Fan the paper stack thoroughly and align the edges. Some functions are available by using the Shift key and some of the functions provide access to optional accessories.


Installing the To install a lens with a magnification different from the pre-installed lens. The blinking number in this display indicates theprint cycle in progress. Power Cord Socket — plug the power cord furnished with the scanner into this socket.

Selecting the Resolution The resolution for scanning printing can be selected. Fan the paper stack thoroughly, align the edges, and place the paper in the cassette.

The illustration below provides the clearance dimensions between thewall and the rear of the unit as well as the right and left sides whichprovide ample space for the ventilation ports to dissipate heat. Press down the Paper Lifting Plate until it locks.

3000DV Plus Digital Scanner

Messages Misfeed Clearing Procedure: If the misfeed occurred after the sheet of paper entered the fusingunit, gently pull the misfed sheet toward you and out. After printing, the skew is retained by default.

The indicators on the Kodakk Panel light up and the system startsthe initialization operation. Correcting a number To reset an entry: The fusing unit inside the printer becomes very hot during operation. Page 39 Specifying the interval between scanning operations The chart below provides the time intervals that can be set between scanning operations.


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DV Plus : Kodak Alaris : Information Management

Paper specifications Use only the following types of paper: Press the Illumination key to adjust the illumination of the screen.

Page 15 These functions may be disabled or enabled. Index Utility Flexible indexing offers as many as 10 fields-text, numeric or date-with up to 32 characters per field.

Standard magnification is fixed according to the selected paper size: Press the Shift key and the Job Recall key together. The lights on the panellight up according to the currently selected paper size and printposition.

Page 25 Selecting a Projection 3000dsb are available in the following types. Power Cord — connects the scanner to the power wall socketoutlet. Grasp the power cord plug only when unplugging the power cord 2. Installing theprojection lensTo install a lens with a magnification different from the pre-installedlens.

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