This section provides information on the key new features of GMA X and provides a comparison to prior generation parts. The Z only pass can be combined with front to back sorting to reduce Z fill requirements. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. However, with the introduction of Intel’s 4th generation of GMA architecture GMA X in , many of the functions are now built into the hardware, providing an increase in performance. This section needs additional citations for verification.

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This series targets the market of low-cost graphics solutions. PC buyers have appreciated this balanced approach to system design, and Intel Graphics is currently the number one graphics solution chosen by new PC purchasers.

Under Windows, the driver ijtel DirectX August Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Another common method of boosting early Z performance is to render the scene from front to back. Later, Intel integrated the i core into the Intel chipset. This stage is responsible for reading vertex data from Chip Memory, reformatting it, and writing the results into new vertex entries in the Chip Memory.

The multi-threading support allows processing of multiple threads of graphics or video data simultaneously.

It shares system memory with the CPU to keep the system architecture balanced at a compelling cost for the customer. It is the last product of Intel GMA. Page 1 of 5.

Intel GMA – Wikipedia

By default, the hot keys for rotation are as follows: Additionally, while previous hardware provided only a subset of DirectX 9. In addition to computing the new vertices of a clipped primitive, the CLIP thread is also used to handle wireframe triangles.


The features are grouped into functional categories with one chart for each area. The products in this series are integrated onto the motherboard, have limited graphics processing power, and use the computer’s main memory for storage instead of a dedicated video memory. If the fragment fails the Z test it can be immediately discarded thus eliminating any additional texture or frame buffer accesses.

Leaving out the discrete graphics card reduces the overall power load at idle, and even when doing graphics-intensive chores like rendering. The early Z test will then eliminate work on all non visible pixels.

IntelĀ® HD Graphics Drivers and IntelĀ® Graphics Media Accelerator Drivers

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use graphicw Privacy Policy. Even intel’s integrated graphic cards have shader however MB graphic cards are fairly outdated these days and the oldest cards to have the shader features are usually MB cards.

Because of this it is often better to only group and sort objects that share common textures and other rendering states.

This section needs additional citations for verification. If you require a response, contact accflerator. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Intel GMA Can Run PC Game System Requirements

As a result of the dynamic allocation meda graphics memory performed by the Intel Integrated Graphics devices based on application requestsyou need to take care in ensuring that you understand all of the memory that is truly available to the graphics device. The purpose of dynamically allocating memory for graphics use is to ensure a solid balance between system performance and graphics performance. With this you can determine if an object is potentially visible by rende ring its bounding box.


Unsourced material may be challenged medis removed. The chart below shows the specific memory allocation. Linux support for hardware accelerated H. Reduce memory bandwidth WHY: On the left is a list of capability topics. Instead of using dedicated local memory, as is the case on the majority of discrete graphics acvelerator today, a portion of the system memory is allocated to be used as video memory.

The core frequency has also been increased to Mhz and the maximum available memory available for the graphics system has been increased to MB from MB. It is based more directly on the previous generation GMA and GMA graphics, and belonging to lntel same “i” family with them.

On the other hand, if the user was to start up a 3D game, there would be a need for more of the shared memory to be used as graphics memory.