You can order it from: You can adjust the white balance from warm to cool, or choose from 16 million colors. The driver for the device must be installed in order to run Prodinfo. EVR is the default setting. Click on the WinTV v7 icon on your Windows desktop to start the application.

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Your FM radio channels can be found at the bottom of the channel list.

WinTV v7 currently supports the following products: A new, clear and intuitive interface Digital parental control North America Closed captions North America Single configuration and scanning pop up menu High Definition TV and video support selected models Integrated TV recording scheduler Instant time shift and recording Multiple tuner support Built-in video player, which supports a wide variety of video formats Logical channel numbers Signal strength monitor for digital TV channels New!

You can order it from: To run Extend on your device, you will use a browser.

Some satellite receivers use channels 60, 70 or If you see the haippauge To save your channel database go to: Click Configuration and the WinTV settings will be displayed. Choose your WinTV product, and then click Tuner setup.


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You can also change the channel Name. If there is still no improvement, enabling extended logging in WinTV and emailing the log files to tech support will help in troubleshooting the problem.

Change the Preset number to the number you want. Press and hold the LEFT mouse button and drag the window into the desired size, releasing the left mouse button when finished.

Why can’t I see all of my TV channels on my iPad?

Hauppauge Support | WinTV v7 Application

Click Analog FM radio and then Scan. It has a new look and new features, plus support for WinTV Extend. Click the Winttv tab in settings to check game mode. When you are finished recording, click the stop button then click the TV button to return to live TV. This can then be used to activate WinTV v8.

You can adjust the white balance from warm to cool, or choose from 16 million colors. Select the language you wish to install from the list.

Hauppauge WinTV-HVR USB TV Tuner for Mac and Windows

Then you need to remove the backup Channel database: Put your WinTV v7. Or select all formats and let the WinTV application show you what it finds in each format if anything.


The iPhone pictures show the TV control overlay with Pause and 30 second replay. If the TV signal strength is on the edge of being too low, you might see either a black screen where the live TV picture should be, or your live TV picture might be choppy. StreamEez-Pro Professional video streaming made easy!

This download is a complete installation package, including drivers for supported WinTV products plus the WinTV v7 application and utilities. Also, be sure that the incoming signal from your video source is working properly.

Find the WinTV Extend app on the Apple app store

WinTV v7 users manual. If you would like to buy WinTV Extend, please go to our webstore: Make a personal movie library from msc TV recordings. If you are using analog cable TV, you will get better performance if you use a Hauppauge TV tuner with hardware encode. Control your lighting with your voice.