SSL-secured e-mail transmission directly from the app. Read more on channel toolbars Freeze, save and add localization, patient data and comments to images. Autofocus for consistent images with 20x magnification. Whether digital trichogram or trichoscopy: A switch on the case turns the light source on, while a button switched between polarized and non-polarized light. Five year warranty W5.

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Read more about the Arbitrary Waveform Generator. They show the current settings of the oscilloscope and allow to change all settings.

The toolbars are fully configurable through the program settings. Capture, store and score – this is how convenient a quick mole screening habdyscope be! To enjoy this site to the fullest please activate it! Read more on the Arbitrary Waveform Generator Quick Setups can also contain reference signals.

The Sure Connect connection test feature of the tells you immediately whether your test probe or clip actually makes electrical contact or not. Read more on oscilloscope toolbars In we reinvented dermoscopy with the handyscope. Functional design in which the iPhone fits perfectly.


No shaving, no epilation or biopsy needed! Several standard signal shapes are available and it is possible to regenerate previously measured signals. The arbitrary function generator allows you to generate test signals for your measurements in any shape you like. The light source on the devices consists of 12 bright white LEDs, six of which are polarized. SSL-secured e-mail transmission directly from the app.

The maximum number of instruments is only limited by the number available USB ports.

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The web storage with added value: A switch on the case turns the light source on, while a button switched between polarized and non-polarized light.

At a comfortable distance during the examination. Would you like to view dermoscopic findings on your iPad? The unbeatable USB oscilloscope Base price: They can have one or more graphseach displaying one or more signals, where each graph can display different parts of a signal. Two front pieces can be attached to the lens with a threaded mount—one for contact imaging with a glass plate and one for contactless imaging without a glass plate.

The full signal can be shown on any display size, without loss of information. The large buttons are very suitable for touchscreen operation. An arbitrary waveform generator is an instrument that can generate repetitive or single shot signals. Easy charging with the standard USB cable. Together with the 2 measurement channels this oscilloscope is an excellent measurement tool to troubleshoot circuits.


Take pictures with a mobile and wireless device, independently from your computer?

Read more about high accuracy. An advantage of a large memory is that once-only fast phenomena can be captured completely.

Handyscope HS5 USB oscilloscope

Read more about the low distortion arbitrary waveform generator. There’s no software to install, just hamdyscope the web browser on your PC or Mac.

Freeze, save and handysope localization, patient data and comments to images. View complete list of all models. However, the signals can also have an arbitrary shape, defined by the user.