It also allows service personnel to dial in and check the status of the UPS to perform remote diagnostics. If a quick battery test shows that the batteries are close to being worn out, a ‘replace battery’ alarm will be generated see 3. In this way unnecessary discharging of the batteries is avoided. The interface port is operative as soon as the mains power cord is plugged into a live wall outlet, even if the UPS is switched off. Don’t have an account?

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The UPS contains batteries. The sum of the leakage currents of the UPS and the connected loads should not exceed 3.

User manual Netpro UPS_百度文库

When working with batteries, remove watches, rings or other metal objects, and only use insulated tools. Subsequentlycheck the thermal circuit breaker: Insert the fuse of the battery pack and close the fuse holder. As a result an audible alarm upw be generated continuously see 3.

Table Of Contents 6.

Input power factor Input frequency range Inrush current Output converter AC output voltage AC output voltage tolerance Output frequency Output frequency range Output waveform Harmonic distortion Power factor Crest factor peak to RMS current Capacity appliance outlets Bypass AC input voltage range Frequency tracking rate Frequency tracking range Phase difference Typical transfer time, msec Overload capability Overload behaviour battery operation Overload behaviour during bypass operation: The batteries must be replaced as soon as possible see 6.


The interface port is operative as ntepro asthe mains power cord is plugged into a live wall outlet, even if the UPS is switched off.

This switch automatically transfers the load to the mains if the UPS is unable to deliver the demanded output power due to overload or overtemperature. Allow the UPS to recharge the batteries.

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Fasten the two screws. Input current A at nom. LED ‘on’ 8, fig. GE Digital Energy Use: It is important that ventilation air can move freely around and through the unit. Press keypad ‘I’ until the buzzer sounds. The isolation transformer allows the output neutral to be connected to – protective earth default setting – the input neutral or be isolated.

Please contact your dealer. UPS operates on battery see 3.

All maintenance and service work, including replacement of the batteries, should be performed by qualified service personnel. Disconnect the DC connectors. The equipment connected to the UPS can now be switched on. All rights reserved; reproduction without permission prohibited.


The default setting of the no-load shutdown function is: The LEDs ‘on’ and ‘on battery’ 13, fig. If you use a distribution box to connect more than one appliance per outlet, please note that the maximum AC-current rating of each appliance outlet is 10A. Overtemperature can be caused by: This manual may be subject to change; no liability can be accepted netpeo any error or omission.

GE 600 – 1500 VA User Manual

Be sure that the new frequency is suitable for the connected equipment! The UPS will shutdownafter the batteries have been discharged automatic restartorif keypad ‘O’ is pressed restart via front panel required upw a ‘UPS shutdown’ command is given by the computer restart via front panel required.

Techno logy for t he Enegeery Wo rld. Take appropriate measures; if the temperature is allowed to rise further the UPS will switch to bypass operation if allowed.