You can also print postage-paid customer return labels with the “To” and “From” addresses reversed. Interestingly enough they own stamps. If you are a home worker or small business owner who relies on a Mac, Endicia for Mac may be just what you are looking for. Happily, the Internet offers a number of ways to accomplish these chores from the comfort of your own home office. If you plan to use any of the Endicia programs to print stamps, you’ll either need a label printer or simply plan to only print stamps entire sheets at a time. The easiest task to perform with the Stamps. When you start the Endicia Standard software, you are placed in “Quick Print” mode with your cursor on the “To” address field.

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Save on ink costs and avoid the trip to the Post Office. There are also buttons to purchase additional postage for your account and print stamps by the sheet or individually, depending on your printer. The default weight listed was one ounce, but I could have changed this manually or installed the free digital scale via the Tools menu to add the weight automatically. Unfortunately, the list of choices appears in a scroll window with no cursor controls, so I was unable to get to the Outlook option, which was not on the first page.

Another easy way to print postage is via enicia for both Microsoft Word and Outlook. Each offers a day trial, though you will have to enter payment information to take advantage of either offer.


Scale Integration Endicia software supports a wide variety of integrated scales to help streamline your process. Interestingly enough they own stamps. One last feature that will be of particular interest to individuals who engage in e-commerce is the ability to import shipping information directly from Access, Excel, or delimited text files.

There is nothing wrong with the program it integrates and works well with 3dcart. Efficiency Save time and eliminate trips to the Post Office to mail your reminders, invoices, or endiciia. Questions about this item? The easiest task to perform with the Stamps. Endicia is the leading provider of innovative and intuitive shipping technologies and endiciz. Oddly, to date eBay is the only supported scaale, but the fact that they use the plural “Web Stores” suggests they will be adding more in the future.

Conclusions I had to do a lot of mousing around to become comfortable with the Stamps. Each NetStamp Label sheet contains 25 labels, and you can choose to print the entire sheet or as few endidia a single stamp. You can purchase a single Express Mail stamp all the way up to a roll of 10, Forever stamps that would probably more than live up to their name.

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August Issue Volume 14 Number 8. APP file into my app folder. Select the toolbar’s “New Label” option to create and print postcards, envelopes, and shipping labels. Make sure you know which way your printer feeds, so you print on the correct side. To use a laser scalee inkjet printer, you’ll need to purchase stamp label sheets from the Endicia store.


Happily, the Internet offers a number of ways to accomplish these chores from the comfort of your own home office. Do you work from a home office or run a small business that scle you to send out a lot of mailers and packages? Without sighted help you can get this number by scanning the label sheet with your OCR application. However, as to the software interface itself, I didn’t find any accessibility deal breakers.

Endicia Stamps Category Mailing Systems. The download and installation went smoothly with one exception.

Endicia Stamps

However, I had to give permission every time I wanted to retrieve a new address. If you open a separate Endicia Standard account for the Windows platform, you can print labels without going through the web site. AccessWorld is a trademark of the American Foundation for the Blind.

In this article we’ll take a look at three remote postage services, each with only minor accessibility issues: Dymo Endicia, a division of Newell Rubbermaid, offers a number of postage printing options, including plans with no monthly subscription fees. All of the Endicia plans allow you to print a preview of your work, but unlike with Stamps.