So did you have to do the kernel hex edit hack above? This topic has been deleted. Need to download the driver from Http: No solution is currently active Gyula. The USB connector can be removed into the adapter body, which makes the device even more compact and easy to carry. Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. I’ve got dub-e rev.

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D-Link DUB-E100 rev C1

The tablet saw a poppy card Dub–e100 ping goes but nothing else. The USB connector can be removed into the adapter body, which makes the device even more compact and easy to carry. Though it does now seem to have been patched: Need to download the driver from Http: I’m running pfSense 2. Reply Reply as topic.

Index of /pub/usb/DUB-E/Drivers

It’s been already a long time and this has not been fixed yet. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. You could ask very nicely for one of the eevision to add the patch to pfSense 2.


Only finished the card as a top-starter on tv stick dnsf. I have revision C1.

These settings are no longer in the green menu: But then I rummaged in the nete, screwed the card, I sit here rejoicing that finally I stitched my router And then because of the burned netovuhi could revlsion flash, more accurately afraid to do it.

There was a need for a second network card, and it seems that the drivers are not supported. Here is some sort of disassembled code.

dyb-e100 Power saving function The DUB-E adapter supports a feature that reduces power consumption and is especially useful for laptop owners. No driver is loaded afterwards my assumption only, cause I don’t know how to check that and no additional Network Interface is initialized which I can see with “ifconfig”.

On that plate where there is support for asix will work, I even earned TTN on the CSN, tablets on AA13, amlogic, the only one where it is not defined, is Iconbit thor on a rocky chip cube u30gt. However, here is a first problem I have. I registered the MAC, the network was working Using the program, Root Browser tried to create the file install-recovery.


I do not understand what to do. Win7 asked for firewood from Asix AXB and after installation it worked perfectly. Yes, sorry, I misunderstood. I assume you typo’d the model and it’s actually a DU B -E Post has been edited Slav-g – The device GoClever on android 4.

Ping goes through, but can’t reach the webpage. This function helps to extend the ervision life, allowing you to use your laptop for a long period of time.

D-Link Technical Support

I have already been successful in enabling all the Audi Connect functions and menu options. Power is supplied directly via the USB bus, eliminating the need for an external power adapter. Dima, You need to create a file named install-recovery. The message will rwvision after 2 seconds. Was your hardware not recognised? Works like a charm.