So I tried via usb-cable and Windows 7 doesn’t recognize the box. Do It Yourself soldering: There is no permanent mounting necessary on the mainboard only removing the resistors mentioned above, if present. I tried with several images newenigma2 4. Be careful to not damage the cable. How I can reflash it?

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Not able to get windows to recognize the dmhd. You can find a description on the modification here.

Here is a photo of the board cm500hd mounting instructions if you want to order the do it yourself soldering kit. I was flashing new image and it flashed bad. Hi, Are you still selling this?

USB board for Dreambox DM500HD

A proof how small things can be great. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Do I need extra drivers like lsusb to mount the USB devices? Make sure the removed vreambox are taken out of the box and not floating around inside it. Note that you still need to modify your DMHD according to the above instructions to remove the resistors on the main board to enable USB.


This modification voids your warranty of the receiver.

You just order it online at http: As I made a PCB for myself for this project, I made some extra as the big cost is to startup the PCB fabricationso you md500hd easily assemble your own unit. I tried to connect to it again but the box doesn’t get an ip. I have ordered this kit recently has not been delivered yet. I’ll hope this works on my friends “compatible” Dreambox HD – thanks in advanced It didn’t work: HI ksb updating DMhd with filler you should always have network cable attached to avoid bricking box.

I would have ordered your USB board if he would be a solution to my problem.

Dreambox Dmhd Usb Driver | fullhdresume

Very easy and looks very professional. Carefully put the lid back on the box and make sure nothing obstructs the fan.

Is your dreambox HD a genuine box. The browser cannot access the dreambox. It is important to turn it the correct way, as shown in the photo and indicated by the colour references on the board. Remove the two screws on the rear, marked with red.


DM500 HD information

How I can reflash it? Leave this field empty. Windows doesn’t find a driver when I try to connect by usb. Usually no drivers are needed to enable the usb vm500hd, however depending on what usb device you connect, it might require a drive drreambox like usb tuners. Description Additional Images 4 Reviews I need some help with my dm HD too, it made an update and now it won’t start. I read on the forum that there is enough power to propel both two USB ports.

Usually, only one resistor is fitted. I tried with several images newenigma2 4. I have original, non clone dm. After you have ensured the board is aligned correctly so the connectors mate each other perfectly you just push the USB board down.