The typefaces you select add personality to a document. Before loading print media, identify the recommended print side of the print media. For Windows Vista and Windows Server You need to know your printer model type and serial number. To verify the printer details such as hardware configuration and software version. You can only send one page if you send a fax using the document feeder glass. Transmission image quality Purpose:

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Ensure that you write down the current wireless computer settings in step d and step f so that you can restore them later.

Line Monitor Turns off the volume for the line monitor. To turn the secure receiving cpl6 on: Close the specified cover. Lock both levers at the ends of the fuser unit. Not Print Prints the report when a communication error is detected.

Ensure that the multi-protocol card is firmly fixed in the connector and cannot be moved easily.

Dell 3115cn Color Laser Printer User Manual

If you plan to use many downloadable bitmapped or scalable fonts or if you plan to use many different sizes of scalable fonts, you may need to purchase additional memory for your multifunction printer.

To use the color fax function, turn on the color fax function. You can cancel the copy job at any time. When this mode is On, a document loaded on the ADF cannot be copied.


To select a paper tray for printing, the. Pull the latches on both edges of the socket outward at the same time to raise the memory card up. Specifies the time format in 24H scannef 12H.

Auto Exposure Adjusts the overall brightness to make the copy overexposed than the original. Allow time for the multifunction printer to cool before attempting to remove parts in this area. On the Customer Mode menu, go down to TonerPalletCheck or ContaminationChk, and press TonerPalletCheck Allows you to identify the problem with the toner when print quality problems occur while printing pictures or photos.

Does not print the banner sheet. If the phone communication in your country is serial, this mode is not available.

Dell Color Laser 3115cn Toner Cartridges

Right-click the mulfunction printer that is using the PS driver, and then select Properties from the displayed list. The Stored Print menu is only displayed when MB or more of optional memory card is installed on the multifunction printer.

Pull the jammed paper out of the multipurpose feeder. Before loading the print media, flex the sheets back and forth, and then fan them. Disabling the operator panel menus does not prevent access to the Stored Print and Tray Settings menus.



Using the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool to Change System Settings If your multifunction printer is connected to the network, you can change the operator panel settings from Darker1 Works well with light print or faint pencil markings.

Printer Status Use the Printer Status menu to get immediate feedback on printer supply status. To eliminate unnecessary traffic, you can disable unused protocols.

It is useful for accessing the PABX exchange. Substitute Tray Specifies whether or not to use another size paper when the paper that is loaded in the specified tray does not match the paper size settings for the current job.

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For Letter paper, push the lever to the 8. Dell ScanCenter automatically starts the selected program when the scan is complete. To list fax numbers received in the Secure Receive mode. Sets the IP address for Filter n.

If the manufacturer needs to be contacted, the customer must pay an additional fee for that support. Close the front cover.