A maximum of 4 cameras can be playback each time. To delete a sound file, simply select that file entry and click Delete button. The default is 3 times; user can change the time of retrying. For the Chateau hosts from 2 different LAN to be able to remote each other please refer to Chapter 9. Auto Pan Function And Setup 7. IP addresses listed here are the IP addresses not allow to be connected.

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Snapshot can be print with date, time, taken place, and camera name. It can be a local host or remote host.

It also means the activate of the camera.

Soft auto reset system: Driver file name for After successfully installed the VGuard driver and software. If it happens in the remote monitoring mode, it indicates that the host name was not the same with the remote Chateau system or not yet connected with the Chateau system. If under monitoring, you will not be activate sound recording. The connection display is shown as follows: Under the Window working system, you will be asked to enter the password when starting the computer.


Search By Host name: Please check whether your Windows is fully installed. This stable structure with the clever anti-crush design is to give you the safest protection.

Please check whether your VGA card support 32 color bit. Support PTZ control from the system. Auto Start However, the program is not really ended.

Search by alarm triggered mode or alarm mode. Direct printing of the clip.

Chateau VG4C-XP card – DVR Cards and Software – PC Based Systems –

Name used to setup My channels combination Content: Page 26 It will be more difficult for file management if there are too many files. Only the System Administer can change the authorization access for users.

Color Configuration full screen buttons. After a chhateau file is selected, Click Open then it will return to the following screen. PTZ control select When a PTZ camera or speed dome camera is connected, you will be able to control up, down, left, right, zoon in and zoom out of the camera. Will record the alarm activate time,and to chose the recorded time and playback image directly.

The time will become the end of the video cut. This function shows the Hard chqteau space availability. The Watchdog function is built internally to automatically restore functions when computer is crushed, it can automatically restart the computer and restart the program.


DVR Card, Video Capture Card (VG4C-XP-V)

It is used to select the split screen that you want to display. Please note that this account and password must as the same as the upper step 4 which PC site set then can work correctly. Remote Access First, you need to define the names and passwords, log in the name and password to the local Chateau system, then connect to ChateauServer Program, and finally connect to the remote Chateau system. The Main Screen consists of 2 sections.

Vguard Vg4c-xp Driver – drivers-industries

The Map files have to be. If yes, you will be under monitoring condition until the detection area detects motions. Edit After a sound file is selected, Click Open then it will return to the following screen. Please check whether you vg4-xp ticked monitor function only.