When I plug it in, the light flashes. Laptop dropped, screen froze, did a cold shutdown. Gough, i just found you after searching for a solution to my 3 years old bought 12 Feb Toshiba Canvio 3tb ext HDD exactly like the pictures above but white and black color which was damaged yesterday 17 Oct February 5, at 8: Shame really I do not trust these externals at all for storing data even with a dual backup would prefer to use the drives as sata within the pc so i know there getting the right amount of power… Regards sy. I do not trust these externals at all for storing data even with a dual backup would prefer to use the drives as sata within the pc so i know there getting the right amount of power….

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Very helpful and should be easy to follow will give that a go later this weekend…I am sure this will be helpful to others too…. June 25, at 1: My hard drive dropped on the floor and when bhd insert in my computer in blinks using the blue light. IF SO, the 4K advanced format drives will not show the partition.

February 15, at 9: Once all 4 sides are separated, it will just rise apart into 2 pieces. Gian Lorenzo Molinari says: My Canvio is dead, I opened the case successful, and now I will try to resuscitate it.


My Hard Drive Dropped – Now What?

So they all show up as MBR drives. The other side is harder to separate since its made of harder plastic without any perforations and attached better.

When I start a copy the transfer rate is in bits and after a chunk is tranfered a read error comes up. No professional data recovery in the country I know of……. Many thank for your valuated hints.

I hope this has helped you achieve hud, if opening a Toshiba Canvio Desk was your quest. February 5, at 8: Thank you very much!

How to: Disassemble Toshiba Canvio Desk (3Tb) External Hard Drive

I did the worst thing I could by plugging it in a few times to attempt a miracle. Had to remove and insert it again twice.

December 13, at 9: The results have been added to the end of this post. Sorry for cakeb noobish question. How in the world are you to assess the fact that your hard drive is no longer working unless you plug it in?

Every situation is different, we would have to evaluate the drive in order to be able to answer that hhc. November 18, at 3: The coating would wear off the disks and cause crashes, bad sectors, noise and loss of data.


How To Fix a Dropped Hard Drive – READ FIRST

This will separate the tabs that close the case just enough but not enough to break them. February 16, at Regarding that, i have several question as follow: This was very helpful. This is exactly what I needed…thanks for helping the world by posting your article! The safest way is always to back-up if you can afford it, or keep close eyes on the SMART data and performance of the drive speed, sound which you seem to be doing.

The cause of this is definitely from the drop. If they are all identical, you have just proven that you have filled the drive completely unpartitionable sector slack area and all with random data, read it back three times, and the results were the same all three times.

If the data is valuable you will want to hire a professional to help you figure this out. The value of concern in the comment was attribute 02, labelled Throughput Performance.