I google “broadcom fingerprint ‘windows 7′” every few days, hoping there was a driver release. Hi Chase You need to check withneither Dell Support or the manufacturers website for those devices and check for updated drivers, hopefully Windows 7 compatible. Similar Threads – Updated Broadcom Unified. Tuesday, July 20, 6: Anyone seen any changes to this? Thanks for that little snip. Don’t do this though if your company has a lockout policy for failed login attempts.

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Updated Broadcom USH (Unified Security Hub) Firmware | NotebookReview

Wednesday, June 10, 7: Anybody get it working properly yet? Driver is installed and registered correctly it looks like within the device manager.

As the thread starter you have the option to mark or unmark any post you wish. Friday, June 12, 4: I have the same wireless card, too, but I don’t have any n radios to which I can connect to see if I have the same problem.

How to Fix Dell Broadcom USH Driver Problems

It seems that this software works with non-upek fingerprints latest one, for windows 7but we need a native driver for Windows 7. AndyBurnsNov 16, Windows 7 IT Pro. Monday, May 18, 7: If this would be connected directly to the USB to bypass the Broadcom controller then the fingerprint reader will be normally enumerated by the operating system and it may work correctly.


If that system came pre-installed precisino Vista, then those drivers are compatible with that OS. See the following thread for the details of this policy. Furthermore, as far as I know, the fingerprint reader is not enumerated by the system at all. Vasudev Dec 23, at Badomes, are you using win7 32 or 64bit? Select the options shown in the following image.

I would like to use the built in abilities instead of relying on the bloated Dell application. Monday, May 18, 8: Saturday, May 23, 5: This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

I did a lot of tests, on X86 freezes sometimes and on X64 gets worse, freezes all times, and my problem is very simple. I am really looking forward to native support, I just hope it comes. Tuesday, May 19, 3: BTW, I’ve found that if the FP reader isn’t working uush resuming, it will start working if you just press enter a couple times to unsuccessfully log in using a password first.


No Biometric Control Panel Applet when using Broadcom USH CV w/Fringerprint Swipe Sensor

Friday, May 15, 7: Anyone try it on the release build of Windows 7? N – trig’s Broaccom digitizer provides pen ,touch and multi touch http: Friday, May 22, 5: New firmware today, and still no luck. Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility. I guess there will be months now util a new firmware is out. On your other issue Anyone have the updated xps 13 2 in 1? It rocked, form fill, you name it, it worked!

I know RC was supposed to basically be the release version, but that didn’t happen. AndyBurnsNov 17,