Select Local printer , clear the Automatically detect my printer check box, and then click Next. This is a reserved value and is used by the printer to indicate there is no subnet. Both were able to be powered on. When selecting a new font, Windows will default to the previous font size. Once the Subnet has been set either automatically or by the customer it will remain set. You’re probably not seeing any packets other than unicast packets to or from your machine, and broadcast and multicast packets; a switch will normally send to a port only unicast traffic sent to the MAC address for the interface on that port, and broadcast and multicast traffic – it won’t send to that port unicast traffic sent to a MAC address for some other interface – and a network interface not in promiscuous mode will receive only unicast traffic sent to the MAC address for that interface, broadcast traffic, and multicast traffic sent to a multicast MAC address the interface is set up to receive. In this case, the printer works better and faster.

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Test Program & Firmware

Fully tested under windows 7 and working. If you elected to print a test page it should print after clicking Finish. Set Device Type to Custom and click Settings. The XATM is designed with a minimum of moving parts and can be easily integrated into almost any kiosk.

You may change it if you wish. While Word allows you to manipulate the page size in both portrait and landscape modes, the data sent to the printer only functions properly in portrait mode.


bova Try playing with the following commands to see if it improves performance. This can also be set using the ‘Factory Menu’. You can configure the Ethernet interface to communicate with your printer either directly across the network or as a shared device attached to a specific computer. See our test tickets in photos.

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You can also try sending a large batch of tickets obca a series of smaller batches. Enter the name you wish to call the printer in the Port Name field ex.

A sample freeware program called Netcat works with the printer and can be used as is, modified or referred to as a guideline for writing your own program. Printer Driver Installation 44. Press the TEST button to save the setting entered. While Boca does not support every Ethernet protocol, the printer supports a sufficient number of high level protocols to function effectively as a network printer.

In the case of token ring interfaces, the drivers for some of them, on Windows, may require you to enable promiscuous mode in order to capture in promiscuous mode. Word also provides you with the unique ability to define a custom page size within the application itself. Unit is sold as pictured missing cover.

Under no circumstances should flash commands be used on every ticket. The printer can return status data item 3 either in response to an external status request or as a 444 of a change in printer status.


Test Program & Firmware – Configure your boca printer – BOCA Printers, Thermal Tickets & Wristbands

Please note that the printer cannot alternate between these two modes. This would work on all directly connected networks. The example above would change the address to Is the printer timing out during the retransmission of a packet or in an idle state?

With the exception of the limited resident font and bar code choices, these drivers install and operate similarly to the FGL drivers.

This address can be changed by the user. Also shop in Also shop ffgl. If the printer is unable to get a dynamic IP address from the customer’s network in the allotted time period about one minuteit will default to the Make sure Port Number is set to The MAC is used by hardware devices on the network to 444 with each other.

Please use a BOCA defined page size if it meets your requirements. ARP packets are often broadcast packets, which are sent to all switch ports. We strongly recommend restricting the use of flash commands noca periodic initialization routines. Click Nextand then provide the following information: This does not apply to dpi p General A printer driver translates the graphical information displayed in your Windows application into a printer friendly format.