The included drivers are for DOS and Windows. My host system is a typical Windows machine. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Networking for DOS is always an add-on feature so it takes a little bit of work to set up, but nothing too difficult. More information on mTCP can be found at http: The complexity of the hardware is hidden by the packet driver. To avoid EMM errors, some recommend to set an interrupt that increases the vector by decimal 8.

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In our example this is EL3C The software interrupt to use is usually specified on the command line when the packet driver is loaded. Additionally, Windows 95 VMs where the crash occurred become unbootable and the operating system halts with a Amf Protection Error.

Transfers on the parallel port were inherently faster than those over serial ports ndks2 of the nature of the parallel port. Here are some examples:. Why on Earth would anybody want to do that? This protococol is vital for connecting to the Internet.

Blasting files around the house at speeds ranging from 25KB per second on a slow machine with a parallel-port Ethernet adapter to KB per second on a high end with a 16 bit NE compatible adapter sure beats the heck out of ‘sneakernet.


Have fun, but use at your own risk. But ame many cases the line with the drivername should be enough. As a result, networking applications generally included code to talk to a few specific models of network adapters directly.

Zamba’s VMware page

The default NAT networking does not allow the VM to communicate with the host, which is what most users want. This driver is part of the official kernel distribution.

Done that, the performance was still unsatisfying. For our minimal configuration it just needs the following lines:. For 8 bit ISA bus machines your choices are more limited. Updated entry for the shell extension for VMware DiskMount. The approach that you choose will probably be driven by the applications neis2 you want to use.

DOS TCP/IP Networking with Packet Drivers

Most of these other protocols work silently in the background so you do not need to worry about them. Here is my set of wmd. Please refer to the BIOS user manual for more nndis2. This page was last modified on 30 Aprilat The wavesets are optional hdis2 a 2 MB waveset is already included with the driver. I used VirtualBox 1. Decoupling the network hardware programming from the applications made the applications smaller and less complex while allowing them to handle new adapters with no changes, provided that the new adapters provided a packet driver.


For more details about this issue and ways to resolve it, see Microsoft’s KB entries and The 32 bit versions compile under a variety of C compilers.

Zamba’s VMware page

Sign In Jdis2 Up. MSFN is made available via donations, subscriptions and advertising revenue. On the host, I was able to play all the games in high quality without noticeable problems. Back when DOS was a current operating system many machines were not network connected at all.

Power off the VM, open the configuration file. It is also possible to add more lines to this section, so you can define special settings for your network card.

For 16 bit ISA bus machines you can use nearly anything. So you can use it, but you will have to live with any bugs and limitations. So a decent machine is required, even for older games. That hardware might be a network adapter, an Ethernet chipset connected through the parallel port, or even just a plain serial port.