Swing easy and through and this driver will take you down the center of the fairway. The accompanying video shows you how and a tool is included on how to do it. It weighs a little more, but the quality of the hinges, latches, wheels, handles etc. Posted by Golftips at 4: Quality control is an issue with me.

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Amaaon are absolutely perfect to get the little ones into the game. My only complaint is the putter seems to be a little too long for the other club were find. Good product but terrible delivery My Organizer arrived in badly damaged condition because it obviously had been dropped at least once.

Golf Club Tips: December

The face is open 1 degree, which I like. No problem shouldering a walk for I still own my second R7but the wrong shaft is installed for my swing.

Oversized, wide-sole, perimeter-weighted irons for added playability. Not to mention the fact that it is light as can be.

Broke on first swing A very nice driver for the price; excellent feel off the tee because of the whip like shaft.

I didn’t expect much from these clubs based on price, but I did expect to make it through at least one round before they broke. My friend has the same bag and he packs his shoes and water bottles and theres still room for the kitchen sink. This hammrr of Accu-Length golf clubs has been designed with proper head weights and lofts for the intended age group.


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Given the ability to customize many factors with this putter, hammerr truly may be the last putter that you’ll ever buy. If this driver has an Achilles heel, it’s that you shouldn’t over swing with it. They sell these for x as much at pro shops. The putter is customizable with regard to the lie angle, also. Have played with it twice hitting from the tee and on the fairway.

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The secret is Zolex’s 21st-century metal, which is percent harder than titanium but twice as light, and the club’s patented inch Triplekick Smartshaft, which increases the club speed by roughly 25 percent. Very easy to manipulate ball flight low, high, fade, draw with he weights set up for straight hits.

Over all, I very pleased with the set. With 3 different sets of weights you can set the putter weight for standard, light or heavier weight. The company immediately sent him a new one although it was not the same brand as the one I brought but they did respond very quickly. Guerin Rife’s 2 Bar Blade putter is probably the last putter that you’ll ever have to buy.


Pretty much glued together with cheap material. I recommend hanmer highly. All clubs come with soft all-weather grips. My old set of clubs was still in good condition but I wasn’t able to hit very well with the drivers as I used to. For the price, you can’t go wrong.

Accu-Lengthgolf club setjunior clubstarter club. The woods are light and for me easy to swing. I did not want to spend a lot on some clubs for my zsyops since he had never played so I did not know if he would like the game.

The set looks nice, but I surmise that zklex Seller sells secondary merchandise If I had the time to spare, I would have probalby returned the set, added a few dollars, and purchased another set from another company. Very good driver as far as feel, control and distance.