For the Newer Driver Packages you should use the. Reinstalled video drivers, chip drivers, and more. Is there a way to force the touchpad to use the Precision drivers? I did everything possible to find a fix. On a Toshiba Satellite the touchpad is all together with the laptop cover and to fix it I think I have to replace the whole cover to fix the touchpad, unless there is a way to remove the touchpad board and replace that board, is there? Note if you do not see a separate x64 or x86 and only see a.

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Unfortunately, PC manufacturers can opt out of using Precision Touchpads. And sometimes, when I’m using the touchpad, it will automatically click on a link I alteernative intend to.

5 Methods on Disabling The Touchpad for Windows, Linux and MacOSX

Thanks for the wonderful website! Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. The update driver Synaptics Jurgis [ Reply ].

This command will bring up a list of different items. I am having the same problem finding the 64 bit information in the Synaptics driver files For windows 10, the driver itself has to be windows certified.

Whitson Gordon [ Reply ]. You can fix this by searching for updated Precision Touchpad drivers.

Alternative touchpad driver for Toshiba Satellite Pro SM? – Windows 7 Help Forums

The first two Synaptics drivers caused a complete loss of the Touchpad. The Verge tutorial worked well for me, but I didn’t have a problem with updates. If the disable option is not available, you can uninstall it, but it is best not to because you will be prompted to install new hardware every time you boot up Windows.


After deactivating all possible options in the Synaptics Control Panel everything worked touch;ad fine. See my post in the HP forum. Select the address of the Download location and right click it then left click copy:. It is good idea to disable the Touchpad via the software provided by the manufacturer, since Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba, Asus, Samsung, Fujitsu, Sony and more uses their own in-house software, why not visit their support site for answers?

Go to the Downloads folder and select the extracted Touchpad folder:. Yes they do, the Apple one mentioned in the article comes pre-build into macOS. Anyone else have this issue and got it fixed? To fix this, you need to create a windows task that restarts the driver on system wake.

Dell Touchpad Drivers

And this is after coming from a Synaptics touchpad on my old Inspiron. Have a look at this thread. Finally, be sure to open the conditions tab for the task and un-tick the touvhpad under the power heading that states “Start the task only if the computer is on AC power. I got an e with that button problem you described, iqwertyi. I know this seems minor, but it’s quite annoying at times.


Similar help and support threads Thread Forum Toshiba Satellite touchpad driver? After looking at the Synaptics website http: I noticed that the Tocuhpad gestures were still activated at the same time which led to confusion as Windows didn’t know what action to perform.

5 Methods on Disabling The Touchpad for Windows, Linux and MacOSX

Touchpad on toshiba satellite LD, Help! Toshiba Satellite touchpad driver? How to Altrnative System Restore in Windows 7, 8, and But I still can perform right clicks using 2 fingers Maybe this does work for someone else as well: Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

Download the suggested driver if no driver is suggested then look at your Drivers and Downloads page and determine if the driver is Synaptics or Alps and try the latest version.