Episode The Sand Trap. Stop paying retail prices ever again! Standard Midsize Oversize What grip size should I select? Performance of golf clubs and equipment is based solely on their own merits and quality. Conclusion Alpha has quite the club on its hand. Senior Regular Stiff X-Stiff. You hear of a lot of people re-shafting drivers because they are not happy with the originals.

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The shaft is inserted into the head and fastened with a titanium end-screw. Available in right hand lofts: Just wanted to say thanks for this review. Dozens of PGA players now carry the C Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Alpha C Plasma LX Driver, Alpha Golf Drivers

Episode The Sand Trap. From the top, the driver has a wet black look to it. The center of gravity is positioned low and back from the clubface to create a boring, medium-height trajectory proven to deliver the best results.

While this looks great out of the wrapper, after a few swings the beautiful finish had some permanent marks slashed across the bottom.

Alpha C830.4 Plasma LX Long Driver

What length should I select? From the time I picked it up till the time I finished reviewing it, the Alpha did not disappoint. ;lasma know the shaft is good but this combination is VERY good!. I consistently landed it at or near the same spot I hit the Titleist around carry. They have a solid club that has been proven by some of the most demanding customers in the world for drivers. Or anyone else for that matter, my roommate was hitting it way better than his driver first time hitting it too.


While the spin rate felt low boy do I wish I had a launch monitor I think it may have been more than the Titleist because of what appeared to be more sidespin turn in the flight. Not all golfers are going to swing plqsma of their shoes like those guys, but Alpha has designed a solid club that goes toe to toe with the best drivers out there.

Alpha C830.4 Plasma LX Driver

The akpha was cut to You hear of a lot of people re-shafting drivers because they are not happy with the originals. This helps give the C The patented M-Fit Interchangeable Shaft system involves a lightweight titanium shaft sleeve permanently attached onto the tip of the shaft.

Reduction of torque means less turning of the clubface and a much straighter ball flight. Removing the shaft and inserting a different flex takes less akpha 2 minutes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This is quite impressive given its regular users, the yard drivers of the LDA.


I had really lofty expectations of yard drives. It may not be as sexy, but it more than gets the job done. This club is definitely worth a shot not only for its performance, but for its price as well. I hit the 9. The flight was plaema high, but with the ball speed it did not matter as it still carried, and despite the wet ground, ten days of rain!

Only when I was addressing the ball could I really tell, because throughout the swing and looking at ball alphq, the drivers were almost perfectly identical.

This similarity was confirmed when I hit the first drive with the Alpha. It just may find a spot in my bag permanently. Senior Regular Stiff X-Stiff.

From the first swing I could tell that the Alpha was going to be a good driver.

I can see why Golf Digest rated the C Look and Feel The Alpha C