See offer for details. Choose larger pixels when you need a larger preview window. Keep the camera level and steady when releasing the shutter. They are having a lot of fun with them. And there’s some version or other of Microsoft’s free-to-download-and-included-in-current-Windows-versions NetMeeting , and an Adobe Acrobat PDF version of the paper documentation. Getting files out of the camera is easy; you just install the drivers for the camera it’s got one driver for file transfer mode, and another for tethered-camera mode , and plug it in with the included USB cable. Tripod optional Tripod Optional Use a tripod to minimize camera movement and ensure optimal image quality, especially while shooting longer movies, self-portraits or video conferencing.

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My daughter has figured out how to put the pictures she takes on her “MySpace”. They are having a lot of fun with them.


Now there’s a better one! Both of these cameras have ended up in the garbage with only about 2 months of usage.

Customers also shopped for. But, again, this is all to be expected.

Aiptek Pocket DV2 Digital Camera Chargers

Which ain’t great, but is about all you can expect a camera this cheap and tiny to be able to encode. Resolution 2 Mega resolution 1. One – if you’re in sunlight, you won’t have a choice.

Unfolded, it holds the Pocket DV2 quite securely. This “temporal compression” is a great thing for file size – because most video frames are quite similar to the frame before them – but it’s a nightmare if you want to edit, because only the occasional “keyframes” exist as stand-alone entities; everything else is a “delta frame”, defined by what comes before it, back to the last keyframe. Yes, this is a cheesy cheap little camcorder, digital camera, and voice recorder.


When the tank’s moving slowly or sitting still, the image looks pretty good; when it’s bouncing around, it doesn’t. And now, the outdoor sample shots. Set Settings Your camera has default flicker settings. This will restart your PC. Remove batteries during long periods between use.

Aiptek Pocket DV2 Digital Camera Batteries at Batteries Plus Bulbs

The Pocket DV2, in contrast, can show photos, and play sounds and videos it’s got a built in speaker, on the side opposite the screenand the interface to do so is quite simple. Power consumption Aiptek recommend you run the Pocket DV2 from “high performance” aiptrk AAs, but my bench power supply and ammeter suggest otherwise. It’s placed so that you can’t easily put aiptej eye to it, and if you try, you just see a blur. Remove whatever frames you want, dump to original format, no recompression to hurt your image quality.

The installation menu should open automatically. If you do get pocekt camera, all you need to put on your computer is the Mega DV Manager, and than save the files to a folder so you can access them from Movie Maker.

If the Pocket DV2 were a real camcorder, it’d be a very, very small one.

There seems to be some kind of industry rule that every cheap PC video product has to come with at least one Ulead product, but pocet generally not iaptek bad; it’s the applications with the toy-cam maker’s logo on them that usually drive users to drooling and gibbering.


Add about another 50 vd2 for a couple of AAs – a bit less than 50 for alkalines, a bit more for nickel metal hydride NiMH rechargeables. Please try again later. It happened maybe every fourth time I performed either operation. Visit your local Batteries Plus Bulbs store and ask an associate for help. At this price point, if you’ve got a use for all or most of its features, it’s really rather brilliant.

And then there’s Ulead’s own “Mega DV Manager”, which I implore you only to use if you want to record video clips with the camera in tethered mode. Loading recommendations for this item Now, a memory card will add a significant amount to the price of the Pocket DV2.

You can also use Mega DV Manager to copy files from the camera and organise them into galleries, but that can be done better by about other programs, since dv Pocket DV2 is just a removable drive to the computer, so anything can see it.

The Pocket DV2 disengages its internal image processing hardware when it’s tethered, and just spits raw video down the USB cable; on aiotek 1.