I will have to dig for those disks for a possible test. These were just a few off the top of my head I have more. The list of programs that have issues with no pagefile enabled I cannot list since I don’t know all of them. Does 98 Lite function with it? I figure you should have the capability to create such tools or can modify it? It may seem like a lot but

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You mixed two very different quotes.

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Edited May 27, by rloew. I’m not sure if there was an inherent max memory limit for Windows 3. Some past references, just in case: These were just a few off the top of my head I have more.

Index of /disc2/ramdisk/

The task demands to create a large ramdrive MB or so. Even though exe is actually a littile difficult to cope with, we stillwant to offer some useful tips You can now download and test.

EXE is also needed in C: This is the first chipset I noticed himem. On the Z himem.


Why did you say, “Otherwise I would not have been able to run 98SE”? Do you have some handicapped version for me to test out you can cap it to 5GB or put some timer based expiration if you need to which I am fine with.

Yes Dual Birds Stone Method. Posted May 27, edited. Have you tested or is it required to patch Windows 3. So if Win 3. Downloads 3 x 50mb, 1 x 35 mb: But I wanted to know could you even get to the 2K, XP, and Vista bootloader menu in your tests on such drives?

Need download of RAMdisk / RAMdrive program for Win98 through DOS.

Native 4K Drives, unless provided with a Jumper or other option, are probably years away. Another one if you have any way of modifying the original FDISK and the Fdisk 2nd version that was patched to 64GB drives however some has a few minor bugs to update it. Download Ufs explorer professional recovery portable torrent find.

Another idea is have you thought about creating a 98SE patch or command line or Sys file that loads in the Config.


BootCD problem: Ramdisk () and

Another issue is verifying integrity after each partition is created causes a lot of waiting. I’ve been using this method to partition all my drives in MultiOS setups. Posted May 28, I figure you should have the capability to create such tools or can modify it? What do you mean no room for anything else? Software that will poll and download Internet material news, mail etcsearch for devlod File is test.

Or sign in with one xns these services. SYS or an alternative. Glad to know Win 3.

RLoew’s non-XMS Ramdisk and related Software – Windows 9x/ME – MSFN

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Max should be Digits entry should be increased to 10 digits possible for MB size which should be plenty.