Many of the tour pros have bag deals that do not include anything in the bag. Do you think this would make it better for me? And then the Adams again. Got it in 9. They all went around for me and relatively solid performers. Short but very precise info… Appreciate your sharing his one.

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My in-depth Adams LS review – Equipment – GolfWRX

I agree it doesn’t make sense. As always, top notch review!! I know, you give out high marks very rarely and only when they are due. 9064la feeling to watch the ball soar out of sight and hear the other guts ohhh in jealosy.

The LS model is a low-spin, low-drag driver that is the latest in the Speedline series that was developed after extensive wind-tunnel testing. Please ship all trade-ins to:.

My in-depth Adams 9064LS review

Check it out folks. Golf is my crack cocaine I guess. Recognizing this awesome review is of a Gamma shaft model, could you confirm that my understanding is correct? Odyssey Golf- White Hot Pro 2. Is the a good upgrade? Unfortunately the newer review style requires a ridiculous amount of very specific formatting of data to generate those charts. I tend to try most of the new drivers that come out each year.



Tim 8 years ago. Who else has hit this driver? Scott VanMeter 5 years ago.

I am not a shill for Adams and honestly would have spent whatever it took to find the absolute best club for my swing. Jay Dundas 7 years ago.

I can attest to the amazing numbers on flightscope. They axams very surprise with the forgiveness. By the 5th hole when I was warmed up I was hitting majestic yard bombs down the middle!

It just feels solid. The one thing I wasn’t fond of was the stock shaft. I have had the ls for about a year and i have not hit any other driver straighter or more consistantly than other drivers ive had before. If anything, I would say it launches a bit high. Normally shafts get heavier when they get stiffer, but not in the case.

With the Adams, my clubhead speed was and distance consistently I am a plus handicap golfer. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.



Thanks for a objective adaams. The confluence of new …. I have kzg muscleback irons p-6, nickent 3 dx ironwood hybrids in We’d love to have you! The choice of shafts for the When completing the trade-in process you have an option to receive your funds via check, PayPal or receive a 2ndSwing.

I have a chance to get a LS Gamma stiff flex shaft. Shop what you want, when you want.