The filename extension field is CNT. Final Make a printout of the monitor values Print Report and settings. One sample of all monitor and maintenance parameters stored periodically at user specified intervals see 5. Dummy-load the clearance system sideband output, and repeat steps 1 and 2 4. Name, lower and upper warning limits, and scale and offset constants for conversion to engineering units. This dialog shows the files matching the wild card mask in the Name field. A typical value is 0.

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LLZ Factory mode configuration settings The brackets will then start blinking. If you choose OK, the choices in the dialog box are accepted; if you choose Cancel, nothing changes and no action takes place, and the dialog box is put away.

Figure Com port setup dialog Selecting one of the Channel setup buttons opens up a dialog like Figure shows. If you are not familiar with DOS commands, the above steps can be performed with the follow- ing commands: The maintenance measurements from the monitor frontend boards will be affected by the monitor input signals, i.

The PC can be connected directly to the cabinet, or by modems through leased or switched telephone lines. Here is a list of the shortcuts available: Sisgx lan is info about download driver xp sisgx lan e sis dt.

The file will be created in the directory specified in the Log dir. Position the PIR on the course centerline.


Refer to paragraphs and It negates the need for airborne phasing and must be used to initially confirm the in-line method. Set DIP switches on the remote modem.

Navigational information provided by the localizer is a complex function of the localizer sys- tem. Once the alarm storage has been downloaded it is also possible to display the individual sam- ples.

If you are familiar with using Windows programs, you will easily understand how to operate this program, and you can skip Chapter 5. This may be accomplished by removing one of the navigation tones at the localizer, or by causing an alarm at the far-field monitor itself.

Normarc 7013 Ils Operating Manual Huog Dan Van Hanh 91140

Turn main transmitter s on. Should be interesting when the xbox comes xis see people line up for it. A blank means the strap must be removed. This is faster and safer than using the Modem hang-up string. Final Make a printout of the monitor values Print Report and 713.

7103 The data in the buffers can be downloaded by the RMM software when a user initiates an alarm event diagnostics if the data is not already downloadedand used in the diagnostic algorithms described in the following sections.

When a log file has been opened you may select the Export data function.

Calam̩o РNormarc Ils Operating Manual Huog Dan Van Hanh

The inter- lock signal is connected to the remote control RC and transmitted to the ILS through the remote control connection. Check the quality of nodem identification and voice for clarity and correct information.


Advance coordination of this maintenance activity with air traffic control personnel is required. The mainte- nance warning parameters are displayed in groups corresponding to the modules on which they are measured.

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Press Alt plus the highlighted letter of the command just press Display the menu or carry the highlighted letter in a dialog box. This window shows the current settings for the digital user parameters. You rsquo ve come down, coordinating the adapter colors, picking just the control adaptations, intern over the key list. EN class B Spurious and harmonics: If an input box has a down-arrow icon to its right, there is an associated history list. Figure ILS port settings for leased-line connections 4.

This check may be omit- ted when completing the line entry from the RMM. You may want to read these chapters to learn how use the Moem software.