I can run flyback transformers for an unlimited amount of time at kHz and 30 primary turns. Running power through multiple supplies just to power a transformer seems a bit absurd, so I though it was time for a direct mains powered flyback driver. The current then causes the voltage at the mosfet drain to increase in an attempt at allowing current to flow. Hey Dan Do not use high voltage as a weapon or defense system, unless you buy a certified system. So I saved one of my mosfet, please add a overcurrent protection circuit to the driver circuit.

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Flyback Transformer Drivers

Because I have all the components to make the resonant zvs driver but not this one. OK this is the picture. A single diode rectifies the flyback pulses, so polarity is important. Thanks for the reply.

Are you still around or did you open a portal with this shit? Is it important how I connect my primary in case of this NE quasi-resonant? July 5, at Also no mention of RMS current tolerance on that page. As Hanghuutri asked, maximum frequency… I drove this circuit into the MHz range, using two IRF very low gate charge with low gate resistors, stopping at about 15V supply voltage.

I can understand from your parts in question that you want to run at higher voltages, it can be done but you might run into some practical problems like…. Thanks, I figured it out in the end and have got it up and running. I would prefer to make it regulated. I am wanting to create a variable ozone generator circuit, so looks like ZVS is not a good way to go about it.


Hey Dylan If it is possible, try to use a primary coil with a larger gauge, or parallel some more magnet wire to have a lower resistance and lessen skin effect. It produces a lot of Ozone!

Mazilli ZVS flyback driver

I have posted a picture about my homemade winding, i will tell how to make one as pretty as mine: More on this here. Have you tried to calculate the different resonant frequencies you get with different work coils?

With this ZVS circuit you do not really control how much current it draws, if your supply can only deliver 10A, there is a great risk it will overburden the power supply, pull the voltage down and your MOSFETs explode due to not switching properly at the low voltage. I tryend adding the resonant capacitor. Any ideas on making a 12 volt, lower power more primary turns that will give a good spark but far less, non-lethal, current unit?

current – is a timer flyback driver lethal? – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

If you want to ram your frequency UP, they have to be fast. Make sure to zcs thick wire for the primary coil.

Do you have a link to a good schematic or can I use yours? January 22, at Running power through multiple zbs just to power a transformer seems a bit absurd, so I though it was time for a direct mains powered flyback driver. On the HF design, I was running Ohms resitors on 15V supply, made of 4x r 1w in parallel, per gate.


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I remember the drivers of my youth, sucking hard. Any suggestions from anyone is also welcome!

About sparks in electrified coil, I bet that it will be deflected as well zcs electrified coil possesses magnetic field. Since I followed your component list in the schematic to make this circuit I feel I should ask first before I enable adverts since you came up with what components to use.

Good luck and have fun.

This thing is literally a grim reaper for power transistor, when misused or brought close to its limits. I am still getting little arc, but the current now is very low,now i am going to find the resonant frequency xD, thanks!!

Too few windings will result in excessive heating and too zv will result in reduced power output.

I mean, this is quite a low-efficiency driver to waste a solid good IGBT on.