Resolver to Digital simulation models. Two of the FETs are p-channel and the other pair are n-channel. AD External reference Vref typo? AD input impedance different to what is explained in AN? Extending the capacitance input range of AD

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AD long-term stability data. Thermal characteristics Theta data; Max temp; Max power dissipation.

TC FET Driver 30nS On/30nS Off 2 outputs A Non-Inverting PDIP-8

Driving the reference input. Output is not linear, degrees phase difference between sine and cosine input.

Output short circuit specifications. AD – grounding considerations. I2C interface and maximum conversion rate. I In Figure 8, transistors Q1 to Q4 perform the switching of the excitation voltage. Bipolar input version of AD Can Vdrive be greater than Vdd.

AD2S velocity output resolution. Does the angular accuracy figure take into account missing codes? Problem getting the digital interface to work reliably. Are the diagnostics still useful? AD – powerup sequence. AD internal reference max. ALE pin as a master clock. Continuous Read Mode and Conversion Mode.


I2C addressable capacitance-to-digital converter. ADx in pseudo-differential input applications.

Can the ADC inputs exceed the reference voltage or go ffet ground? AD digital interface check. AD recommended usage of VDD. What is the difference between performance range and full scale range of the AD? Not seeing expected resolution. AD Register Status bits. The upper and lower sections of the bridge are driven via AC and are anti-phase with each other degrees different.

DirectFET™ – Infineon Technologies

Can’t get bit resolution. External excitation and advice on eliminating interference. ADAS – input signals. Does it power down?

Single Micrel FET MIC4427 driver

AD Evaluation Board firmware. ADAS – power supply sequencing. Are there any precautions that should be 44227 to make the interface for the AD more robust?

AD at 5Msps output datarate. That is why each end requires an inverter on 1 of the transistors or FETs so that it is biased to turn on at the correct time.