I polished the heck out of the trigger surfaces and shimmed it and the hammer, disconnector to eliminate side play. I’ll spend a little money on ammo. I turned in scores that rivaled custom built rimfire benchrest rifles with this. I have beaten my best groups with my other Feddersen barrels and was shocked at my yard groups due to the magnification advantage, but more on that in a minute. The barrel is probably the easiest component to replace after the stock.

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Build Review: Custom 10/22 Long Range Tack Driver

A dedicated benchrest stock will certainly assist you in accuracy. Now go out and drive some tacks!!!!! From the looks of it, I have to already have an aftermarket barrel on the gun. Yea man you sent that golf ball flying! Would a good aftermarket stock make a difference?

Richards Tack-Driver stock f/10/22 – Forums

Now that is an awesome-shooting rifle. This alleviates the need for a tax stamp for a short barreled rifle and gives a secondary benefit of making the rifle quieter. The time required for this depends on the type of finish that you desire and really depends upon your abilities.

June 5th, Richards seems to have improved their quality processes. Check out this section of their forums: The time now is The only drawback is that the silencer is devoted to the barrel and cannot be tckdriver among other rim fire firearms. I use Aguila standard velociity ammo and it works fine. I’ll spend a little money on ammo.


You’ll end up spending hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands on it to get it to shoot with the stock bolt guns. For this build I stuck with basic black. They make the inletting stockk accommodate multiple rifles and it is never a perfect or exceptional fit for any of them.

Customizing the Ruger 10/22

However, be prepared to spend many hours on the outside. I decided to try a Krinkov style muzzle brake.

Feddersen barrels are not picky about ammo either, unlike most match barrels. Our stocks come with approximately 1″ of extra material on the end of the tip to allow the customer rackdriver shape it according to individual taste. I haven’t tried to accurize it yet, so I can’t vouch for anything on the RFC pages.

Build Review: Custom 10/22 Long Range Tack Driver –

Has anyone bought this stock and if so how was the fit and how much work inletting and sanding? I have over six in mine. The time now is Last edited by Dinohntr; at This may work out afterall That may be true, but I was already shooting essentially single-hole groups at 50 yards with my other Feddersen At yards I managed a.


With a better shooter behind the gun, I am sure those longer-range groups would improve, but I am thrilled with what I can do with this gun. I found these videos helpful if you’re working on the trigger.

I have also shot a golf ball off the top of a rock at a little over that distance in a few shots. It would appear that adding the brake actually increases the sound level forward of the muzzle, but behind the gun the report was reduced to a level where I would feel comfortable not using ear plugs.

For the ultimate ease of 1022 the factory trigger, Ruger now offers a drop-in trigger pack that is adjustable in the 3 to 5 pound range. But I’d be interested in hearing if anyone has tried any of the DIY stuff. We recommend starting with about 80 grit sandpaper, and working your way up to to grit prior to finishing.